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Winter is a vocalist who, when performing material made famous by the greatest song interpreters, instils a modern and intriguing edge that captures the attention.

Her inspirations are varied but especially include Barbra Streisand and Edith Piaf. They combine a superbly professional standard of singing with a highly emotive and at times brutally honest method of delivery. The way these singers used their voices goes straight to the heart because they were unwaveringly true to themselves, their style, and their way of performing. She also adores Ella Fitzgerald and her ability to make a vocal scale her “toy”. Ella was free to use her voice as she wished and had such a warm yet lively tone. By contrast Karen Carpenter is another big inspiration, conveying deep emotion with a voice that sounds so pure and heartfelt.

The style of Winter is very closely linked to that seen in Barbra Streisand's early years. She aims to emulate Streisand’s quality, depth, range, and emotion, but without attempting to do an impression. The fact that people think she sounds a little like Streisand is a source of deep pride but she does not take this for granted and expresses respectful humility and a strong desire to live up to the highest of standards of a vocalist who, in her opinion is the greatest singer who ever lived.


With acknowledgement to a similar Streisand quote Winter is simple, complex, ugly, beautiful, funny, sad, emotional, relaxed, driven, original, and yet respectful of those who came before.

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